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Okura Chem-Tech's advanced coating technologies deliver safety, reliability and comfort.

In today's world, environmental preservation, safety, reliability and comfort are all themes of major importance. We respond to concerns in these areas with a lineup of coatings that provide outstanding insulation, heavy-duty corrosion resistance, and anti-slip performance. Reliability is the motto of our paint operations, and our staff of dedicated professionals perform each of their tasks, from planning to execution, Created from the most advanced technology and the seasoned expertise of our staff, Okura Chem-Tech's products earn kudos from every standpoint.


Chemical division Coating BU Director Yoshiyuki Takahashi Utilizing our long-nurtured expertise and know-how under the slogan of "Reliable Coating," we are developing businesses to address diversified needs with responsible approaches such as introducing advanced coating agents and allocating specialized staff for the entire process, from planning to construction.

Coating BU Director
Yoshiyuki Takahashi



In recent years at various factories, there is an increasing demand to break away from a dark impression of factories to a much gentler image. In order to meet these demands of industries, we successfully developed a next-generation heat resistant paint, "Netsusol". "Netsusol" answers the basic needs: heat, weather, and corrosion resistance, and ease of application. Additionally, "Netsusol" allows mixing of colors. As opposed to the traditional black, gray, or silver coloring of pipes, "Nestusol" will allow factories to colorfully classify each pipe. This will allow anybody to understand the use of each pipe at a glance. The variety of colors will allow for a gentler image that is demanded by the current industries. Our company will continue to develop products that we can condently recommend to you.

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Person in charge : Atsuko Kimura

Ultra Therm J Grade(insulating paint)

Heat shield paint with low VOC elastic insulation and fast drying acrylic latex is a pro- environmental product which meets the needs of the times. The effect of the heat shield paint has received the Energy Star certification promoted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA). Measures to conserve energy, environmental reform policy of your company and furthermore, the means of acquisition for the International Organization of Standardization, ISO14000, will help enhance the reputation of this excellent quality product.

Environment-friendly paints

Our paints, which are inexpensive but feature superior anti-corrosiveness, protect various steel structures from corrosion. They also satisfy the conventional standard for tar epoxy resin paints. Our paints do not contain coal tar, which is specified as a hazardous chemical by the Industrial Safety and Health Law, and are therefore environment-friendly next-generation paints for tar epoxy resin. By using specialty coal digested pitch rather than coal tar, the safety of water is guaranteed and there is no concern about environmental pollution.

heavy-duty corrosion-resistant paint

We sell and applies a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant paint. Special modified epoxy Resin paints utilizes coal-chemical technology, incorporating refinement after refinement to create a paint with outstanding heavy-duty corrosion resistance.
Special modified epoxy Resin paints is enormously popular as a paint for ship hulls as well as all types of land-based steel structures.

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Building trust through an impressive project track record

"Paint is not a complete product until it becomes a coat of paint." Guided by this belief, the Paints Division focuses in all its operations on reliability and a strict sense of responsibility in providing paints and structural treatments. Our paints cover a wide array of structures on land and sea, including ships; fishing parks; oil, electrical, water and gas utilities; airports; and rail facilities. Look for further exciting advances in safe, environmentally friendly coatings from Okura Chem-tech.

Permission of the Governor of Osaka for General Construction Operations, G-20 No. 110867

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Person in charge : Yoshiyuki Takahashi

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