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To expand operations and streamline management, Okura Chem-Tech is creating a global network of business facilities.

Okura Chem-Tech is creating a global network of business facilities. Okura Chem-Tech has established a group of subsidiaries and affiliates, both in Japan and abroad, to expand the scale of its operations and bolster management efficiency. In each business field, we join hands with companies boasting exemplary track records in order to offer value-added solutions to our customers. Okura Chem-Tech Corp. delivers the goods in terms of both quality and cost.

Ilshin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

[Production of natural amino acids]:Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fertilizers)
287-2, Bugjoeng-Dong, Yangsan-Shi, Kyungsangnam-Do, 628-110, Korea
Paid-in capital: 400 million won
An Kyung Chool, President


Seine Australia Pty.Ltd.

[Production of foodstuffs]:Soup extracts and cerealcompounding)
23-27, Boola Avenue, Yennora, NSW 2161 Australia
Paid-in capital: A$ 1 million
Cho Suk Hee, President

Tainetsu Kagaku Co.,Ltd.

[Heat-resistant paint, NETSUSOLbrand]
5-3-30 Nagatanishi, Higashiosaka-city, Osaka, 577-0016 Japan
Paid-in capital: 35million
Hidetomi Takahashi, President

OKURA CHEM-TECH CORP. (Taipei office)

[Management, processing, manufacturing and sales of electronic materials,
optical-related components and materials for chemicals.]

13-F2, NO.8, Ln279, Sec. 4. Zhcngyang Rd, Tuchen Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan
T.K.Huang, Representavive

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