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Quick response for needs and provide a speedy solutions.

Our business results have expanded every year as we address global needs and promptly supply solutions to satisfy our customers, drawing on our specialized knowledge and know-how of trading that have been accumulated in a wide range of fields, including specialty petrochemicals, and raw materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as raw materials for food products,fibers, machinery, and general merchandise. Our strengths are our cutting-edge perspective and aggressive implementation.


Industrial Material Division General manager Masatoshi Ayabe We emphasize speed and sincerity in addressing customers' needs.
With a tenacious and energetic approach to establishing new businesses, our International Operation Division is attempting to make the next quantum leap forward, with the slogan of "speed, sincerity and meeting all challenges."
Our strengths are our cutting-edge perspective and aggressive implementation.

Industrial Material Division Director
Takaya Nakamura


産業資材Organic and inorganic colorants, resin materials,
additives, dispersants, plasticizers,
Various kinds of surfactants, Silver powder,
Aluminium powder, etc.
樹脂添加剤・染料、顔料Fine chemicals, various kinds of amino acids,
L-cysteine, carbocisteine, trimebutine maleate,
allopurinol, etc.

Organic food ingredients
Organic chia seed, Organic maqui berry FD powder,
Organic seaberry powder, Organic seaberry oil,
Organic agave syrup, Organic agave inulin, Organic FD blackcurrant,
Organic barley grass powder, Organic wheat grass powder, Organic quinoa
Functional food ingredients
Fish oil TG (EPA/DHA high concentrate),
Chia powder, Organic seaberry powder, Organic seaberry oil,
Algae DHA oil, Algae DHA powder, Lactoferrin,
Gac fruit powder, Gaba, Obopuron. etc
樹脂添加剤・染料、顔料polyurethane foams,
polyethylene foams,
rubber sponges, glue . ,
various resins, form and molded
products, elastomers, gelatin,
hot melt adhesive,
functional films etc.
樹脂添加剤・染料、顔料Coloring agent,
biodegradable earth-water preservation agent,
soil improvement agent,
産業資材PET film, functional film,
OCA, adhesive tape, adhesive,
coating agent, UV curable resin,
OPP/CPP film.
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Telephone:+81-6-6441-0166 / Facsimile:+81-6-6443-1806
Person in charge : nakamura

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